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The most difficult aspect of legal matters concerning family relationships often seems to be in determining where the suit should be filed. Jurisdictional issues can arise involving different state, county, and venue guidelines and borders. The laws are complex. In order to ensure that you are entering into your legal proceedings in a proper and valid manner, you should contact an attorney to help walk you through the process.

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Understanding the UCCJEA

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act or UCCJEA replaced the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act or UCCJA in order to correct inconsistencies between national and state laws. It also served to further enforce child custody determinations across state lines. The UCCJEA helped create firmer guidelines for determining when a state court has jurisdiction to make or alter custody orders, as well as how the decisions should be enforced by the courts.

The section of the UCCJEA focused on jurisdiction helps clarify the role of the state in custody proceedings including:

  • Temporary emergency jurisdiction
  • Initial custody determinations
  • Modification of earlier decisions
  • When and why a court may decline to exercise jurisdiction

How it Works in Texas

One of the most important considerations for Texas courts is determining if Texas can be considered the child’s home state. If it appears that Texas courts do have proper jurisdiction, the family lawsuit may be filed.

However, a Texas court can have temporary emergency jurisdiction for any of the following situations:

  • The child is present in Texas
  • The child has been abandoned
  • The child needs to be protected because they are being threatened

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