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Protecting Your Child's Best Interest When One Parent Desires to Move

After a divorce, it is not uncommon for one half of the couple to relocate to a new area. From wanting to live closer to family, getting a new job, or simply looking for distance from hard memories, there are many valid reasons for such a move. However, deciding which involved parent the children should live with and the best way to preserve a relationship with the other parent can be incredibly challenging.

Securing the option to move away with your children can be raised while the process for the original case is still in progress. This agreement is known as a geographic designation that allows the parent with primary custody to relocate with the child. It can also be brought up as a modification action requesting the court to change the geographic restriction to permit the primary parent to move with the child later. Either way, an Austin attorney can help you understand your rights, the challenges you may face, and the best way to pursue the outcome you desire.

Relevant Factors in the Decision

Some factors the court take into consideration when deciding on whether to allow relocation include:

  • The motivation for the move
  • The distance from current location
  • How it would impact the stability and consistency of the child’s life
  • The relationship both parents have with the child
  • The relationship the parents have with each other
  • The needs of the child, emotionally, physically, and educationally
  • Any other factor the court deems relevant to protecting the best interests of the child

Equal Parts Experience & Compassion

The main reason these cases are known for being so emotionally draining is that you run the risk of the court not only denying the move but potentially transferring the decision as to where the children live to the parent who is remaining in the original location. These cases are often complicated. In order to have the best chances of achieving the result you desire, you need an Austin attorney who is experienced in these matters on your side. At Andrae Law, our legal team has handled countless relocation cases to successful results, both in securing permission to move as well as representing the parent fighting to prevent the move.

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