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Understanding Child Support Obligations

Child support is a key issue to decide in a suit involving children. It may also arise after parentage is established. In either scenario, our Austin child support attorneys at Andrae Law, PLLC are prepared to offer experienced guidance. In addition to assisting clients with original child support suits, we are experienced in the enforcement of child support orders and modification of child support in Austin, Travis, Williamson, and the surrounding areas. Our attorneys have nearly a century of experience to apply to these matters.

As child custody arrangements directly affect the relationship between you and your children, it is in best consideration to hire a lawyer.

Child support modification is less complicated with a lawyer. If you are looking to modify your current child support order, you will need to show strong evidence to the judge.

Determining Child Support Obligations Under Texas Family Code

Parents have certain rights, responsibilities, and duties under Texas Family Code. Both parents have the duty to support their children with food, clothing, and shelter. In most cases, one parent has the duty to pay child support. The parent paying child support is referred to as the obligor, while the other parent is referred to as the obligee. Texas Family Code has established guidelines for calculating child support based on income and the number of children supported by the obligor.

The Texas Family Code also includes provisions for above-guideline child support that is intended to address a variety of financial needs of the children. There are also times that parents agree to a child support amount that is considered to be below the guidelines.

There are a number of reasons why child support amounts may vary, such as:

For example, some parents have daycare needs for younger children, or have children enrolled in private school, or summer camps. Some parents will agree to share in the cost of extracurricular activities for a child.

How Long Must You Pay Child Support in Texas?

The noncustodial parent that is paying financial support must do so until the child reaches 18 or graduates from high school. The duration of support may be extended indefinitely if the child is physically or mentally disabled. If the payor agrees to a divorce settlement, then it is possible they can voluntarily pay child support through college.

If You Are Denied Visitation, Do You Still Pay Child Support?

According to Texas law, yes, you are still required to pay support even if you are denied visitation by either the court or by the custodial parent. If you have been granted visitation or joint custody by a judge, and are still denied by the custodial parent, then actively pursue an enforcement action against them. We can help you initiate that.

Board Certified Family Lawyers Serving Williamson, Travis, Austin & Surrounding Areas

At Andrae Law, our Austin child support lawyers work with our clients in preparing a realistic budget that is inclusive of all the child-related expenses that parents often overlook. Before we attempt to negotiate a child support amount, we make sure that our clients are fully informed of the financial needs of their child and their own budget constraints, as well as the benefits and risks of asking a Judge to decide child support amount.

Should You Hire An Attorney For Child Support In Texas?

You can hire a lawyer to help you establish a child support order. This can be particularly wise when you have child support issues with your ex. It can be essential if you have other problems with your ex that concern your child.

Call our Austin child support lawyers at (512) 668-7133 to discuss your rights and responsibilities in regard to child support in Austin, TX.

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