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After deciding that you and your spouse are going to get a divorce, you’ll likely be flooded with questions and concerns. A house is most couples’ largest asset — prompting an important question: sell it now or wait until after the divorce

What to do With Your House in the Event of a Divorce

Selling Your House Before Filing for Divorce


  • Founds for your divorce. Unfortunately, even the most amicable divorce will cost money. If you have a good amount of equity in the home, half of that profit can help pay for some of the legal fees associated with a divorce.
  • Funds for the future. With the money you make from selling your home, you may also be able to better establish your future — put a down payment on a new home, rent an apartment, go back to school, etc.
  • Emotional benefits. A house is so much more than walls and furniture. Though every couple is unique, many people find it cathartic to sell their home before getting a divorce as a way of putting their past life together behind them.


  • More room for disagreement. If you decide to sell your home before or during a divorce, you and your partner must agree on an agent, when to sell, the sale price, how the home will be staged, and so much more. If you and your spouse are not on good terms, this can lead to further arguing.
  • Your divorce may take longer. Selling a home can take weeks, if not months. If you wait to file for divorce until your home is sold, you may have to stay married longer than you would like.
  • You might make rash decisions. If you’re feeling resentful, angry, or bitter, you may be more inclined to make quick decisions, like agreeing to an offer that’s below asking price simply to get the house sold quickly and move on.

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