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A divorce can be emotionally charged and unpredictable. Complex issues arise during any divorce, such as custody, possession schedules, child support, spousal support, and property division. Andrae Law, PLLC assists clients in managing the stress and fears that arise during the divorce process. By providing our clients with clear information and knowledge, our lawyers in Austin empower our clients to make the best choices for their individual situation.

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At Andrae Law, PLLC we can address any of these topics related to divorce including:

Divorce Process in Texas

There are a few requirements involved in the process of a Texas divorce.

Residency requirements – Texas requires that one spouse be a Texas resident for at least 6 months and a county resident for at least 90 days before the couple can file for divorce in the state.

Pregnancy – Most courts in Texas won’t finalize a divorce if the wife is pregnant whether or not the husband is the father. It’s best then, to wait until the baby is born before filing for divorce.

Grounds for divorce – Texas has several grounds for divorce that a couple can use when filing, including both fault and no-fault grounds.

  • Insupportability (this is essentially a “no-fault” divorce)
  • Separation/Living apart
  • Mental incapacity
  • Cruelty
  • Desertion
  • Convicted of a felony
  • Adultery that can be proven

Waiting period – There is a 60-day waiting period before a divorce can be finalized after the initial petition. The waiting period does not apply if the Respondent has been convicted of domestic violence or has an active protection order due to domestic violence previously committed.

Divorce Methods – There are three methods the divorce process can take:

Navigate Divorce with Nearly a Century of Experience on Your Side

At Andrae Law, PLLC, our attorneys understand the importance of negotiating a settlement to preserve the relationship of the parties, especially when children are involved. In many cases, our attorneys are able to find a workable solution for our clients to avoid the stress and expense of litigation.

However, we also realize that divorcing spouses are not always able to reach an agreement. In those cases, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to be strong advocates in the courtroom. Having the right representation is vital to all aspects of your divorce, and our attorneys assist our clients in navigating the waters both inside and outside the courtroom.

Because we have over 40 years of collective legal experience, along with Board Certifications in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, we are well-equipped to protect your interests in your litigated, collaborative, or mediated divorce. If you are going through divorce or are strongly considering filing in Texas, contact Andrae Law, PLLC to reach out to a practiced attorney today. We are ready to answer your questions.

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